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Neshree O'Shaughnessy

Profile picture of Neshree O'Shaughnessy

Neshree initially worked for Telkom SA in Johannesburg, South Africa for three years before relocating to the UK where she joined Careers Development Group (CDG), an organisation specialising in delivering training, skills, and events for those furthest from the job market. 


As the organisation grew, Neshree’s role evolved to cover performance management, job coaching, employee coaching, and the management of the Quality and Performance Team. During this period the welfare to work sector transitioned from hundreds of small, direct contracts to fewer than a dozen prime organisations under the government’s flagship scheme, the Work Programme. CDG not only won a prime contract for London but also won two other prime contracts in partnership with Maximus, a new entrant to the UK.


Neshree left CDG in 2013 to start a family and found Bellanno. In addition to her role as Founder, Neshree is committed to reviewing each new engagement and quality assessing not only the key deliverables agreed but also the outcomes measured against the timeline.

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